Research and Teaching Assistantships

Every year, the Department of Psychology hires a number of students to serve as teaching assistants or research assistants.

Teaching Assistants

In a variety of courses in the psychology department (e.g., Introductory Psychology, Statistics, Personality), it is possible to work for the instructor as a homework grader or the leader of weekly review sessions. Not only do these positions allow you the opportunity to earn some extra money, but they also provide you with valuable teaching experience and the opportunity to review/enhance your understanding of the course material. For example, assisting in Statistics of Introductory Psychology would be a good way to review for the Advanced GRE in Psychology. Additionally, such experiences are often viewed favorably by graduate schools and enhance your resume.

Research Assistants

The department also hires a number of students during the school year and during the summer as research assistants. Such individuals may be involved in data collection (i.e., serving as experimenters for research projects), data analyses, and library research. If you are interested in these opportunities, file a completed application form with Donna Trout and/or express your interest to a member of the faculty. As with teaching assistantships, research assistantships can enhance your chances of being admitted into a graduate school program or being hired in many different fields.