Off-Campus Study Guidelines

In Advance of Off-Campus Study

Students thinking of off-campus study should first speak with their advisor. Their advisor will discuss their plans for both the semester(s) abroad and their anticipated coursework upon returning to ensure that they have a pathway to complete the requirements for the major/minor.

Once students have decided which courses they will take off campus, they should speak with the department chair regarding whether the course(s) will count toward the major/minor requirements. When requesting pre-approval for courses, students should provide the chair with a description of the course along with the course pre-approval form.

Related Offices

Bowdoin's Department of Psychology normally does not allow courses taken abroad to count toward the core (Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods, Data Analysis), laboratory, or advanced seminar requirements for the major/minor. That is, classes taken abroad can only count as topics-level courses.

During and After Off-Campus Study

Students studying abroad must receive a C or above in pre-approved courses to receive credit.

Students must also make sure to save the syllabi and coursework for any courses for which they wish to receive credit. These items must be turned in to the department chair by October 1 (for those who studied in the spring semester) or February 15 (for those who studied in the fall semester) in order to receive final approval for credit.

Students who wish to use a study-away course as a prerequisite for a lab or seminar must handle this in one of two ways:

  • If students wish to take the lab or seminar in the semester immediately after their semester abroad, they must contact the instructor for the lab/seminar early during registration and ask that the instructor waive the prerequisite requirement in Polaris.
  • If students wish to take the lab or seminar in later semesters, they should first contact the anticipated instructor for the lab/seminar to confirm that the study-away course is acceptable for this purpose, then contact the department chair to request that the chair complete an exception form that will allow them to register for the relevant courses