Jabari Jones

Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

My research is centered around the complex role of humans as a geologic agent on Earth. I am interested in how rivers change through time, ranging from individual flood events to centuries. At Bowdoin, I’m excited to develop local projects in New England focused on stream restoration, dam removal, and the effects of climate change and sea level rise. I am also interested in environmental justice – how environmental benefits and harms are distributed among different groups of people, and what processes lead to that distribution. I am currently investigating this issue through a project examining the geographic siting of stream restoration projects.

Finally, I am interested in how institutions promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. I address this in my teaching, in research about student activism, and by engaging in community science – where people outside of traditional scientific institutions (government, universities) are empowered to ask and answer scientific questions.

I encourage students who are interested in any of the above to get in touch with me.

Jabari Jones headshot