William R. Kenan Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

My teaching focus is in Oceanography while my research interests focus on response of ocean ecosystems to environmental forcing; Research foci: environmental optics with specialization in bio-optical modeling of phytoplankton biomass, production, ecophysiology, functional groups, particularly with respect to Harmful Algal Blooms; inherent optical properties of seawater and sea ice, particle-specific optics, optical instrumentation, ocean observing systems.

Since 1989, I have spent over 300 days at sea on more than 35 cruises on major research vessels (over 90 days on Antarctic icebreakers). Additionally, I have spent approximately 40 days on Sea Ice Field Stations in the Arctic.

boat and buoy boat next to buoy student sampling water from boat

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  • PhD, University of Washington
  • MS, Oregon State University
  • BS, Brown University