Collin Roesler

Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science, Chair of Earth and Oceanographic Science Department

My teaching focus is in Oceanography while my research interests focus on response of ocean ecosystems to environmental forcing; Research foci: environmental optics with specialization in bio-optical modeling of phytoplankton biomass, production, ecophysiology, functional groups, particularly with respect to Harmful Algal Blooms; inherent optical properties of seawater and sea ice, particle-specific optics, optical instrumentation, ocean observing systems.

Since 1989, I have spent over 300 days at sea on more than 35 cruises on major research vessels (over 90 days on Antarctic icebreakers). Additionally, I have spent approximately 40 days on Sea Ice Field Stations in the Arctic.

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Collin Roesler


  • PhD, University of Washington
  • MS, Oregon State University
  • BS, Brown University