Christian Puma Ninacuri

Lecturer in Hispanic Studies
Christian Puma Ninacuri focuses his research on the field of Sociolinguistics with an emphasis on language contact and change, diaspora studies, language ideologies, and linguistic landscapes. In particular, he explores the effects of language and dialect contact, and language ideologies in the Ecuadorian Andean Spanish (EAS) variety spoken in New York City (NYC). His research aims to determine whether this variety of Spanish is losing, changing, or maintaining linguistic features by comparing it with EAS spoken in Ecuador. At the same time, he explores the role of language ideologies and social networks in the maintenance of Spanish in the Ecuadorian community in NYC. In addition, he investigates how diaspora communities have (re)created new spaces through linguistic and semiotic resources and how those resources are displayed in the public space (the linguistic landscape). Through this, he aims to uncover the power dynamics between language(s) displayed in public signage, and how the presence of linguistic and semiotic resources re-creates a sense of locality in diaspora communities.
Christina Puma Ninacuri headshot


  • PhD, Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • MA, Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • BA, Programa de Lingüística Aplicada, Universidad Católica del Ecuador - Quito