Bruce Kohorn

Affiliation: Biology, Biochemistry
Linnean Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

We use genetics, microscopy and biochemistry of Arabidopsis to understand cell adhesion, and  how cell surface receptors regulate plant development and the response to pathogens. We focus on the Golgi ELMO proteins and Cell Wall Associated Kinases, WAKs, that serve as pectin receptors required for both normal cell elongation and for an induced stress response.


Images taken of plant leaf cells on Confocal Microscope.
Left: Actin in green, red is chloroplasts.
Right: vacuolemembrane in green with red chloroplasts.
Confocal microscope cross section

Leaf Cells ImageLeaf Cells Image
Left:View of Arabidopsis leaf; nuclei in green, chloroplasts in red.
Right: Confocal Image of Arabidopsis protoplast expressing WAK in green,
Vacuole marker in red, chlorophyll in blue 

Bruce Kohorn Headshot


  • PhD, Yale University
  • MS, Yale University
  • BA, University of Vermont