May 06, 2024 | Bowdoin News

Referendum Results

Dear students,

As reported and certified this morning by Bowdoin Student Government (BSG), the “Bowdoin Solidarity Referendum” passed. Based on the BSG constitution, passage of the referendum requires two-thirds of those voting to vote in favor. In total, 1,366 students voted (69.55 percent of enrolled students), with 913 students voting in favor (66.84 percent) and 452 students voting against the referendum.

I am writing to describe how the College will proceed.

The first request in the referendum was for the College to issue an institutional statement. In keeping with my practice, I will not be issuing a statement, but students—both those who voted with the majority and those who voted in opposition—have essentially issued their own statements.

The three other referendum requests are related to endowment management. Before the trustees examine these requests, which they will do over the summer, they are open to hearing directly from a group of our students. I have proposed that a subset of the board meet this week with students representing the referendum, as well as with students representing the opposition, so that both sets of students can have the chance to present their views.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with several groups of students and to speak individually with many others about the referendum. I so appreciated that these students were willing to share their perspectives and various points of view. I deeply believe in the importance and power of dialogue.