Honors and Independent Study

The Neuroscience Program grants honors to senior majors to reward distinguished work in neuroscience.

Requirements for Honors in Neuroscience

Honors is achieved through a student's performance in neuroscience coursework as well as completion of a research project and thesis. Students interested in pursuing honors in neuroscience are encouraged to speak with potential faculty mentors early in their junior year, and to apply for fellowships to begin their research during the summer before the senior year.

Honors in neuroscience will be awarded by the Neuroscience Committee upon consideration of a written thesis and oral presentation, and based on the student's success in the following:

  • Experimental effort
  • Knowledge and understanding of the literature relevant to the project
  • The ability to place the project into the scientific context, and to connect the experimental design, the literature, and the data obtained
  • Data analysis/project presentation, including an understanding of the field as demonstrated when answering questions during the presentations
  • Attendance at neuroscience seminars, including discussions (usually two each semester) with "honors seminar" speakers

In addition, students must meet the following specific requirements for honors:

  1. Candidates must have a grade point average equal to a B in all courses submitted for the major through the fall semester of the senior year. This includes all courses that are eligible for credit towards the major.

  2. Candidates must complete at least two semesters of independent study (Neuroscience 4000-4004) devoted to research on a single topic.

  3. Students are awarded honors in neuroscience upon favorable consideration by the Neuroscience Committee of the honors thesis and oral presentation.