Curriculum Overview

The Neuroscience Program includes many of the courses taught in both biology and psychology.

Introductory courses in both departments provide a solid grounding in the principles and concepts that form the core of knowledge upon which the field of neuroscience has developed, as well as in the nature of experimentation in these fields. Majors then take one of two introductory-level neuroscience courses to provide an introduction to the field of neuroscience itself.

A series of mid-level laboratory courses, including Neurophysiology, Molecular Neurobiology, Laboratory in Cognitive Neuroscience, and Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience provide students with more in-depth experience and laboratory work in areas of neuroscience ranging from molecular to cognitive.

More specialized courses, including upper-level seminars, allow students to pursue areas of interest to them. These courses cover such diverse topics as developmental neuroscience, hormones and behavior, and animal cognition.

Neuro Major Chart