There is a great deal of variation in how and when those considering a future in health care fulfill the academic prerequisites for health professions programs.
Students may choose to complete all of the requirements through courses at Bowdoin, a post-baccalaureate program, or a combination of these options, possibly even including a summer course or two, if necessary.

During first-year course selection, students should keep in mind that no two students follow the same path to medical school, and remember that the most important thing to do during their first year is to settle into and enjoy life at Bowdoin. Medical schools look at applicants holistically, and students at Bowdoin are encouraged to explore opportunities outside of their academics.

Health Professions Pathways

Learn what you need to do to prepare for some of the most popular health professions.

Medical School Competencies

Medical schools do mission-based, holistic review admissions—what does that mean? What makes an applicant look good? What are medical schools looking for in an applicant?