I. Introduction

II. Preparing a Proposal

Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal
Preparing a Proposal Budget

  • Direct Costs
  • Salaries and Wages
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Travel
  • Equipment and Other Capital Expenditures
  • Indirect Costs
  • Matching Funds and Cost Sharing
  • Sub-Awards

III. Required Internal Review of a Proposal

Overview of Internal Review
Proposals Involving Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals, Radioactive and Hazardous Materials

  • Human Subjects
  • Vertebrate Animals
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Hazardous Materials

Conflict of Interest Form
Required Approvals

IV. Submission Process

Mailed Submissions
Non-NSF Electronic Submissions
NSF/Fastlane Electronic Submissions

V. Notification of Outcome

When a Grant is Awarded
When a Grant is Pending
When a Grant is Declined

VI. Management of a Grant

Overview of the Principal Investigator's Responsibilities
Overview of the Controller's Office's Responsibilities
Setting Up a Project Number in the Controller's Office
How To Pay for Grant Related Expenditures
Unallowable Costs
Reviewing Expenditures
Correcting Errors and Cost Transfers for Grant Project Accounts
Equipment Related Grant Management Issues

  • Procurement and Acquisition of Equipment
  • Ownership and Control of Equipment
  • Replacement, Disposal or Sale of Equipment

Travel Related Grant Management Issues

  • Overview
  • Air-Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Alcohol

How to Hire Grant-Supported Personnel

  • Non-Faculty Employees
  • Students

How To Receive Summer Salary
Time and Effort Reporting

  • For Salaried (Exempt) Employees
  • For Hourly (Non-exempt) Employees

Annual Update of the Conflict of Interest Form

VII. Changes in a Grant

Pre-Award Spending
Changes In A Budget
Requesting a No-Cost Extension of a Grant
Changes in the Principal Investigator (including transfer to another institution)

VIII. Closing Out a Grant

IX. Appendices

Appendix A: Ethical Standards in the Conduct of Scholarly Research
Appendix B:
Human and Animal Research Policy
Appendix C: Financial Interest Disclosure Policy for Sponsored Projects
Appendix D:
Application for Protocol Review: Projects Using Human Subjects in Research, Field Studies, or Teaching
Appendix E:
Application for Protocol Review: Projects Using Laboratory Animals in Research, Field Studies, and Teaching
Appendix F: Financial Conflict of Interest Policy Statement Form for Bowdoin College (.pdf)
Appendix G:
Sample Summer Salary Form
Appendix H:
Sample Time & Effort Reporting Form