When a Grant is Awarded

The PD/PI is responsible for contacting the Office of Sponsored Research and forwarding a copy of the award letter or email. In some cases, when a funder requests that additional forms be completed before the funder will release the grant award to Bowdoin, the PD/PI should also forward those documents to the Office of Sponsored Research, which will obtain the appropriate signatures.

When a Grant is Pending

The College does not permit spending to begin under a grant until it has received written confirmation of the award from the granting agency. Once the award is confirmed, some federal funding agencies, including the National Science Foundation, permit pre-award spending, giving the PD/PI up to 90 days prior to the actual start date of the grant when s/he can spend grant funds.

It is the PD/PI's responsibility to understand the funding agency's rules and procedures concerning pre-award spending. The PD/PI must also obtain approval from the Director of Academic Budget and Operations prior to beginning to spend grant funds before the actual start date of a grant.

When a Grant is Declined

The PI is responsible for forwarding to the Office of Sponsored Research a copy of the funding source’s letter or email indicating the proposal was not funded.