For First-Years and Prospective Majors

Thank you for your interest in Government and Legal Studies Department at Bowdoin!

In classes in Government and Legal Studies at Bowdoin—often referred to as political science elsewhere—you’ll learn and analyze how people come together to solve the common problems they face. You’ll study the distribution of power and resources by governments and non-governmental bodies, by individuals, groups, social movements, and institutions. You’ll study domestic, international, and comparative frameworks—and the deep ethical questions that bind them together.

As a “Gov” major, you will gain substantive knowledge of government and politics and the skills to critically analyze and debate both timeless and contemporary issues of public policy. You’ll read, write, research, present—and persuade. And in so doing, you’ll change the world.

Majoring in Government

Department Chair Andrew Rudalevige provides an overview of majoring in Government and Legal Studies. Download the PowerPoint slides here.