Chemistry and Education

Chemistry Educational Concentration

Bowdoin College offers students an opportunity to become certified middle and high school physical science teachers through a rigorous scholarly and classroom-based preparation.

The program includes an educational concentration in chemistry and participation in Bowdoin Teacher Scholars.

Completing certification requirements in a timely fashion requires a good deal of planning, so students are strongly encouraged to meet with faculty members in the chemistry and education departments early in their college careers.

The Educational Concentration consists of seven credits.

  • Chemistry 2510: Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics


  • Chemistry 2520: Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
  • Two additional chemistry electives selected in consultation with the advisor.
  • Education 1101: Contemporary American Education*
  • Education 2203: Educating All Students*
  • Education 3301: Teaching and Learning*
  • Education 3302: Curriculum Development*

*These four courses also count toward an education coordinate major or education minor. This is the only exception to chemistry’s double-counting rule for majors that allows only two courses to count double between two majors or a major and a minor. Students must take Education 3301 and 3302 concurrently during the fall semester of their junior or senior year.

Students interested in pursuing a coordinate major or minor in education, or the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars certification program, should consult with their major advisor as well as with a faculty member in the education department to discuss course selection and content area prerequisites.

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