Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: I am getting started on a project. Whom do I contact for assistance?

    A: Please contact Barbara Levergood,, 207-725-3351.

  2. Q: I am looking for statistical data on [fill in topic] but don't know where to look.

    A: Please consult our guide to statistical data or contact Barbara Levergood,, 207-725-3351.

  3. Q: I need to know how to cite data.

    A: Contact a librarian or, if you are using Chicago Manual of Style, consult our guide "Chicago-Style Citations: Social & Online Media, Data, Music, and Other Non-Print Materials."

  4. Q: I need assistance with software. Whom do I contact for help?

    A: Please contact the IT Service Desk, 207-721-5050 (students) or 207-725-3030 (faculty/staff).

  5. Q: Can I install Bowdoin software on my home computer?

    A: Please consult the list of software available to install on home computers. For further questions, ask the IT Service Desk, 207-721-5050 (students) or 207-725-3030 (faculty/staff).

  6. Q: Can I install software on my work computer?

    A: The IT Service Desk, 207-721-5050 (students), 207-725-3030 (faculty/staff) can tell you whether you have the administrative rights to install software on your work computer and, if necessary, will perform the installation.

  7. Q: How do I incorporate GIS or mapping software into my course?

    A: Please contact Jennifer Snow,, 207-725-3707.

  8. Q: I would like to run an analysis of my data, but it is hogging my desktop computer and has been running for three days. Does Bowdoin offer high performance computing options?

    A: Yes, Bowdoin has a high performance computing cluster called the Bowdoin Computing Grid. Contact Dj Merrill,, 207-798-4137.

  9. Q: I would like my students to develop a survey. Does Bowdoin have an online survey tool?

    A: Bowdoin uses Qualtrics for online surveys.

  10. Q: I would like to include a technology project (video, data analysis, mapping, film, etc.) in my class. Does Bowdoin offer classroom support?

    A: Yes, Academic Technology & Consulting staff will work with you to develop around the technology project, come to your class to demonstrate the software, and support your students by offering open lab sessions.

  11. Q: I have a lot of files on my Research drive (Microwave) and would like to share them with my summer fellowship students. How do I do that?

    A: Contact the IT Service Desk at 207-725-3030 or request access to a network file or folder.

  12. Q: I just deleted a file from my home directory on the Microwave.

    A: Contact the IT Service Desk at 207-721-5050 (students) or 207-725-3030 (faculty/staff) and they can walk you through the process of trying to get it back.