Service Type Contacts
Citation Citation
Citation Citation software (EndNote, Zotero)
Find data Audio
Find data Images
Find data Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) data
Find data Numeric data (statistics)
Find data Spatial data, shapefiles
Find data Text data
Find data Video
Find data What data does the Library have?
Hardware Clickers
  • IT Service Desk, 207-721-5050 (students) or 207-725-3030 (faculty/staff)
Scanning and OCR

Software Blogs
Software Data scraping
Software GIS & Mapping (ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Earth, other mapping software)
Software Images, Video, & Publishing (Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, InDesign, Photoshop, QuickTime)
Software Music (Finale)
Software Other
Software Scripting (Python)
Software Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Jennifer Snow,, 207-725-3707
  • IT Service Desk, 207-721-5050 (students) or 207-725-3030 (faculty/staff)
Software Statistical
Software Survey (Qualtrics)
Software Web publishing (Omeka, Neatline, HTML, CSS)
Software installations which are specific to the lab and classroom
Software Does Bowdoin have access to a particular software program? (Consult this list first: Current Windows Classroom and Lab Software )
Statistical services Statistical consulting, numeric data manipulation and analysis, visualization

  • Jennifer Snow (Canvas),, 207-725-3707
  • IT Service Desk (Icebox, Microwave, other), 207-721-5050 (students) or 207-725-3030 (faculty/staff)
  • Dj Merrill (backups, github),, 207-798-4137
Storage and Access Bowdoin Digital Commons