Collections and Recollections: Objects and the Stories They Tell

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Exhibition: Collections and Recollections: Objects and the Stories They Tell



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Museums bring collections to life by telling their stories. Often, donors share personal memories of objects. Recollections of community members where the works were made and used add additional meanings, and new research can unveil entirely new stories. Here we trace the growth of the Arctic Museum's collection through planning and serendipity and also highlight stories from the collection, with appreciation of the museum's many donors and collaborators.

As the 21st century approached, museum staff wanted to to introduce more contemporary perspectives to exhibits. In 2009 a major donation by Robert and Judith Toll dramatically enhanced the museum's capacity to do just that. In subsequent years donations by other collections have followed Donors' different tastes, reflected in these gifts, along with seelctive museum purchases, have helped build a well-rounded collection reflecting the diversity of artistic accomplishments across the North.

This exhibit features significant objects from the collection and highlights the many stories they can tell, from the challenges faced by Arctic explorers to the joys of community life as depicted by contemporary Inuit artists.

Selected Works

Inuit Figures and Animals, Elizabeth Quinanagnaq Angrnagangrniq, 1989. Wool, pigment, applique, embroidery. Gift of Peter Witt and Joyce Nies
Muskox, David Ruben Piqtoukun, 1996, stone on antler. The Marcia and Robert Ellis Collection.
Group of MacMillan's Men at the Button Islands [Dr. Gross, Vogel, Flint, Holbrook, Ah-hay-o, and Waite]. 1934. Hand-colored, silver gelatin, pigment on glass. Gift of Donald and Miriam MacMillan.
Lidded basket, Mary B. Smith, 1978, grass pigment. Donated by Barbara Lipton.
Dogs pulling sledge with sail, odometer. Emil Diebitsch. 1892-1894, Nitrate negative. Gift of Edward Peary Stafford.