Alumni Council members serve on several committees, which traditionally meet on-campus during scheduled Council weekends, as well as in person, via conference call, or through other correspondence throughout the year when/if needed.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee solicits nominations for, researches when necessary, and selects the winners of the Alumni Award for Faculty and Staff, Alumni Service Award, Distinguished Educator Award, Foot Soldier of Bowdoin Award, Polar Bear Awards, Alumni Footprints Award, and the Young Alumni Service Award. 

Career Engagement Committee

The Career Engagement Committee facilitates meaningful interactions and continuous dialogue on postgraduate career paths for Bowdoin students and the 22,000+ alumni network. In support of our Bowdoin Community and in conjunction with CXD’s programs and initiatives, our Committee aims to:

  •  Assist, prepare, and encourage the exploration of fulfilling career paths beyond Bowdoin.
  • Strengthen and reinforce the connection between current students, the alumni network, and the extended community.
  • Promote and support active participation, engagement, connection, and community within the Bowdoin network. 

We are rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and a commitment to the College's "Common Good." We serve to extend the Offer of the College beyond graduation and encourage ALL Bowdoin alumni to enjoy fulfilling career journeys by losing themselves in generous enthusiasm and making contributions as leaders in all walks of life.”

Communications Committee

The responsibility of the Communications Committee is to raise visibility, interest and access to the Alumni Council, by highlighting the impact and influence of the Alumni Council on the College, the multi-dimensional diversity of its members and recent accomplishments contributing to the Bowdoin community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Committee advises the Bowdoin College Office of Alumni Relations and serves as a resource for other offices within the College to represent the many dimensions of diversity. The Committee actively seeks out and amplifies the voices and experiences of all Bowdoin alumni through educational and community-based programming that fosters diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. The Committee understands that diversity is an evolving space and is committed to learning and adapting to resulting changes in support of the College’s ongoing mission to create a diverse, accepting, safe, and inclusive Bowdoin community.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the President, President-Elect, current committee chairs, and the Director of Alumni Relations. The committee meets both during on-campus weekends and in between those meetings to set agendas, and prioritizes projects for the Council.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee recommends a slate of candidates for election or appointment to the Council by soliciting nominations from a wide variety of sources and researching nominees when necessary. The committee ensures that the Council is broadly representative of the alumni body and evaluates the method of election/appointment to the Council.