Published August 27, 2021 by Bowdoin News

Gratitude for Gracious Hosts and Their Send-Offs across the Country and Globe

Thirteen Bowdoin send-off events around the world this summer welcomed the Class of 2025, and at times, the Class of 2024, to Polar Bear Nation.

“The energy and excitement at each of these events was palpable and we’re so glad to have these students on campus this fall,” said Kimberly Wing, director of family giving and engagement. “A big thank you to all of the families who hosted these great events.”

Will and Happy Rowe P’23 with George Rowe ’23 

David and Robin Small P’23 with Ean Small ’23

Scott and Terri Bashaw P’21 P’23 with Abby Bashaw ’21 and Delaney Bashaw ’23 

New Jersey
Peter and Marsha Wolfson P’22 with Owen Wolfson ’22 

New York City
Dan and Cara Marriott P’24 with Hank Marriott ’24 

New York City Suburbs and Connecticut
Steve and Suzy Lukens P’23 with Chris Lukens ’23   

San Francisco
Ben and Stacey Ng P’22 with Griffin Ng ’22 

Southern California
Krishnansu Tewari and Meagan Moore P’23 with Sujata Tewari ’23 

Virtual Asia
Wei Wei and Vivian Zheng P’23 with Sophia Wei ’23 

Virtual Eastern/Southern US
Art and Betsy Murphy P’18, P’25 with Teddy Murphy ’18 and Georgia Murphy ’25 

Virtual United Kingdom 
Steve and Nicky Ciampi P’16

Virtual Western US
Ken and Bari Ramberg P’22 with Owen Ramberg ’22, and Ben and Betsy Sayler P’23 with Jay Sayler ’23 

Washington, DC Area
Mark Cortez and Kim Wargo P’20 with Ida Cortez ’20

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