Notable Alumni

Kary Antholis (1984) (Academy Award-winning producer at HBO)

Ellen Baxter (1975) (homeless advocate)

Peter Buck (1952) (nuclear physicist; cofounder, Subway Restaurants)

Harold Hitz Burton (1909) (associate justice, US Supreme Court)

Geoffrey Canada (1974) (educator and author)

Hodding Carter (1927) Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (1852) (Civil War leader)

Kenneth I. Chenault (1973) (chairman and CEO, American Express)

Robert P. T. Coffin (1915) (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet)

William S. Cohen (1962) (US senator and US secretary of defense, author)

Ruthie Davis (1984) (fashion designer and entrepreneur)

Anthony Doerr (1995) (Pulitzer Prize-winning author)

Paul H. Douglas (1913) (US senator; known as "the consience of the US Senate")

Stanley F. Druckenmiller (1975) (investor and philanthropist)

Harvey Dow Gibson (1902) (business leader; president, Manufacturers Trust Company)

Leon Gorman (1956) (chairman, L.L. Bean)

Reed Hastings (1983) (cofounder and CEO, Netflix)

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1825) (writer)

Christopher Hill (1974) (US ambassador and diplomat)

H. Richard Hornberberger (1945) (doctor and author of M*A*S*H*)

Oliver Otis Howard (1850) (Civil War leader and president of Howard University)

Alfred Kinsey (1916) (sex researcher)

Hari Kondabolu (2004) (comedian)

Claudia La Rocco (2000) (poet, critic, performer)

Lawrence Lindsey (1975) (economist and governor of the Federal Reserve)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1825) (poet)

Donald B. MacMillan (1898) (Arctic explorer)

Cynthia McFadden (1978) (NBC News)

DeRay Mckesson (2007) (community and civil rights activist)

Gary Merrill (1937) (actor)

Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky (1992) (composer, writer, musician)

George J. Mitchell (1954) US Senator and peacemaker)

Hoyt Augustus Moore (1895) (presiding partner, Cravath, Swaine, and Moore)

Abelardo Morell (1971) (award-winning photographer)

Bernard Osher (1948) (owner, Butterfield & Butterfield; philanthopist)

Robert E. Peary (1877) (Arctic explorer)

Thomas R. Pickering (1953) (US ambassador and diplomat)

Franklin Pierce (1824) (14th president of the United States)

Everett P. Pope (1941) (recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor)

Thomas Brackett Reed (1860) (Speaker of the US House of Representatives)

John Brown Russwurm (1826) (abolitionist and editor)

Joan Benoit Samuelson (1979) (Olympic marathon champion)

Donald M. Zuckert (1956) (chairman and CEO, Ted Bates Worldwide, Inc.)

The Bowdoin team spirit has never been in doubt.

But our athletic facilities have improved quite a bit