Separated or Divorced Parents

When a student's parents are divorced or separated, or were never married, Bowdoin collects income and asset information from each natural parent and their current spouses. Typically, we use the resources of two parents (natural parents or custodial parent and current spouse) to determine eligibility for the College's grant support. Separation agreements or court orders do not direct the awarding of institutional resources. Please see the CSS Profile and FAFSA instructions for the definition of custodial parent.

Student aid administrators carefully examine family structure and individual circumstances; the basis for noncustodial support is economic ability to pay college costs, not willingness or unwillingness to do so.

The noncustodial parent is required to complete a CSS Profile for their household. The noncustodial parent will need to create College Board login credentials to access the CSS Profile. Guidance is available for noncustodial parents who need assistance creating their own College Board account. Noncustodial parents are also required to submit tax forms via IDOC after completing the CSS Profile. Please see the Deadlines page for more information on required forms and deadlines for noncustodial parents.

Bowdoin will occasionally waive a noncustodial parent from participating in the student aid process due to extreme circumstances. Students who would like to petition that we waive their noncustodial parent from participating should complete a noncustodial parent waiver petition, which is available on the CSS Profile website. Please note that we require a third party statement and relevant court documents (if applicable). Submitting a waiver request does not automatically mean that the noncustodial parent will be waived. A student aid counselor will be in touch if we need additional information regarding the noncustodial parent.

If a student has concerns about our requirements for their noncustodial parent, please contact the Student Aid Office.