Separated or Divorced Parents

When parents are divorced or separated, Bowdoin collects income and asset information from each natural parent and current spouses. Typically, we use the resources of two parents (natural parents or custodial parent and current spouse) to determine eligibility for College grant support. Separation agreements or court orders do not direct the awarding of institutional resources. Please see the PROFILE and FAFSA instructions for the definition of custodial parent.

Financial aid administrators carefully examine family structure and individual circumstances; the basis for non-custodial support is economic ability to pay college costs, not willingness or unwillingness to do so.

Once the student registers and completes the PROFILE, the student will receive and email with the link to the Noncustodial PROFILE. Upon receipt of this email, the student needs to forward the link to their non-custodial parent for completion of the Noncustodial PROFILE. Non-custodial parents are required to submit tax forms.  Please see “Deadlines” for more information on required forms and dates for non-custodial parents.