International & Transfer Students


Bowdoin values the contribution international and transfer students make to our community, and thus dedicates a limited amount of student aid funds to international and transfer students.

We Meet 100% of Demonstrated Need

Since available resources limit our ability to be need-blind for all admission categories, Bowdoin may be “need aware” during the admission process, and a family’s finances may be a factor in the final admission decision. If admitted, students will have their full need met based on standard policies, assuming the student’s financial aid file is complete at the time of admission. International students who do not receive financial assistance from the College at the time of admission will not be considered for student aid in subsequent years.

For consideration of these resources, you must file the CSS Profile. Additional information on form requirements and deadlines can be found on our Deadlines table. Please contact the Student Aid Office if you have any other questions.

Exchange Rate Information

Your student financial aid package from Bowdoin will reflect the prevailing exchange rate when packages are determined. You should report income and asset data in your local currency on the CSS Profile. Bowdoin does not adjust student financial aid packages during the year for fluctuations in exchange rates. Canadian applicants need to apply for available provincial scholarships and bursaries. Please check with your provincial departments of education to determine availability and eligibility. Like state scholarships in the U.S., provincial scholarships become part of your student financial aid package and reduce eligibility for Bowdoin Grant funds. Unless you have dual citizenship, international applicants are not eligible for U.S. federal assistance. Therefore, families of international students do not need to submit the FAFSA.

For more information on student aid for international students, see Need Blind and Meeting Full Need.