Prospective Students


Our Philosophy on Aid

At Bowdoin, a family’s ability to pay is not a barrier to admission.  We do all we can to ensure that nothing stands between you and your potential success as a student—starting with need-blind admissions.

We seek excellence of all types and believe in equal opportunity. Our policy is to meet the full-calculated need of any student applying for financial aid.

International, waitlist, and transfer students need to review specific information related to their admission and student aid eligibility – see Need Blind and Meeting Full Need.

Student Aid at Bowdoin

Applying for financial aid may seem daunting at first glance, but you will manage and you are not alone. Nearly half of all Bowdoin students receive some form of grant assistance. We invite you and your parents to explore this site to become familiar with what you need to do. 

For parents, seeing a son or daughter take this next big step toward college is an exciting time. However, it is also a time that can cause concern about costs. We understand and want you to know we are committed to helping you to make Bowdoin affordable. We will work with you and do the very best we can to ensure that your financial circumstances will not prevent your son or daughter from going to Bowdoin.