Did You Know...?

Bowdoin meets your family's full demonstrated financial need for all four years.

We evaluate your financial circumstances every year to make sure our award offer is accurate and cur­rent. Whether family resources increase or decrease, we will meet your calculated need for as long as you are enrolled at Bowdoin. 

Bowdoin has replaced loans with grants.

Beginning in the 2008-2009 academic year, all loans previously offered as part of the student financial aid package have been replaced with grants. Many students will now graduate from Bowdoin with no edu­cational debt. Those who choose to borrow will do so at greatly reduced levels.

You can increase your loan and campus job earnings and still keep your entire grant.

Most students work on campus to help pay for books, personal expenses, and travel. While loans are not part of your student financial aid package, most students are still eligible to borrow to defray the cost of education. The amount you work and whether you borrow is your choice; the decision will not reduce your grant.

Outside scholarships may benefit your family.

If you receive a scholarship from an outside organization, we will not reduce your Bowdoin Grant unless your total aid exceeds the cost to attend Bowdoin or federal rules require us to do so. 

You will have a professional student aid counselor assigned to your family for your four years at Bowdoin.

You will be assigned an experienced student aid counselor who will review your application each year. Your counselor will know your family circumstances and be available to you for personal dis­cussions. 

Bowdoin participates in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Students who demonstrate financial need and are designated National Merit Scholars by the College or NMSC will receive a $2,000 renewable scholarship for all four years. Scholars who do not demonstrate need for Bowdoin's student aid will receive a $1,000 renewable scholarship. 

Bowdoin has a student employment manager and a 24/7 portal to help you find a job on campus.

In addition to a fully staffed employment office, all campus jobs are listed on the Student Employment Office's website, which allows you to search and apply for positions online. 

You may take your student aid with you if you study away.

Receiving student aid does not limit your opportunities to study off-campus. If you want to spend a year studying away, your student aid will go with you.