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Applying for Aid


Candidates for financial aid who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States must file the 2012-13 College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile to be eligible for Bowdoin grant support.

We recommend using the on-line version of the CSS Profile to expedite processing. CSS charges a processing fee, but lower income families may be eligible for an automatic fee waiver.

Be sure to submit the 2012-13 CSS Profile and FAFSA forms to Bowdoin in accordance with deadlines, and specify the Bowdoin College code 3089 to electronically transmit the results to the Bowdoin student aid office.

Please read the Profile instructions carefully and provide what they require. The information you provide on the CSS Profile and FAFSA will be verified against 2012 federal income tax returns for all matriculating students. Awards may be adjusted if tax information differs from CSS Profile data. We also suggest that you record your profile number and PIN, and keep a reference copy of your completed profile.

Please Note: There is no need to submit federal income tax documents to Bowdoin until they are specifically requested by email or College Board notification.