Faith Biegon '14

FaithFaith Biegon '14
Hometown: Nakuru, Kenya

How Did You Hear About Bowdoin?
I found out about Bowdoin through an organization in Kenya that helps students from high school prepare for their SATs and college applications. There are programs around Africa that work in the same way. I have never been to the U.S. before and when I came I found the environment was very different. American cities are so big and I come from a small town. And the education system is very different. Here, we have the freedom to choose what we really want to study,  but in Kenya many courses are mandatory. 

What Is Different About A Bowdoin Education?
I am amazed by how students here do studies they are very passionate about and really know what they want to be because they study what they like. The classes here are so involving and engaging. In Kenya it's more lectures and you're not graded on class participation. And the professors at Bowdoin are very accessible. You can just talk to a professor and tell them your problems and they understand you.  

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Bowdoin?
Sometimes there are times when I feel that I'm down and homesick. But then when I walk along the pathways someone smiles at me. They may not even know me but they say, "Hi." And then I feel like I'm home, I'm in the right place. I didn't make the wrong decision to come to Bowdoin.