We don't need to meet you to know if you're a good fit for Bowdoin.

A personal interview is strongly encouraged, but not required as part of the application process to Bowdoin. If you're interested in an interview, there are several options listed below.

On-Campus Interviews

If you're already visiting campus, we encourage you to sign up for an interview. These interviews are designed as a give-and-take: the interviewer will guide the course of the conversation, but there'll be plenty of time for you to ask questions about Bowdoin not addressed in other materials.

To cancel an interview, please call the Bowdoin Admissions Office at (207) 725-3231. To reschedule an interview, please use the online scheduler.

Who will interview me on campus?
An admissions staff member, or a Bowdoin senior—one who has been carefully selected and trained for this purpose. 

We understand that this option can be a financial burden for many families. Check our travel schedule to see when we will be in your area, or utilize the off-campus interview request form.

Transfer Interviews

A small number of on-campus and Skype interviews will be offered in February. Learn more about our transfer applicant process.

Alumni Interviews

If a visit to Bowdoin isn't possible, an interviews with a member of Bowdoin Regional Admissions Volunteer Organization (BRAVO) is a great way to connect with Bowdoin Admissions and learn more about the College. If no Bowdoin alumni are available for an in-person interview in your region, you will be asked to participate in a Skype interview.

Interviews are available to high school seniors from September through early December each fall. If you have already had an on-campus interview, unfortunately we cannot accommodate an off-campus interview. 

Off-Campus Interviews

Bowdoin admissions officers also visit high schools all over the country and world each year. We sometimes offer off-campus interviews during our fall travel, but most of our staff time is scheduled for high school visits, college fairs, and regional Bowdoin Events. (If you are on our mailing list, look for an email from us detailing our fall travel to your area.)

Note to Chinese Applicants:

Bowdoin accepts independent interviews from vendors, such as Initialview or Vericant, from our Chinese applicants. These interviews will provide you with an opportunity to display your communication and reasoning abilities, as well as your enthusiasm for becoming a successful student at Bowdoin. Following this conversation, a report and video of your interview will be sent directly to Bowdoin from the vendor. Please note that any interview for Bowdoin is optional and not a required component of the application; in lieu of an interview, you are welcome to submit one additional letter of recommendation.

We recommend registering early for these opportunities as soon as possible to ensure that your materials arrive in our office before the application deadline.

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