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Page Structure is Important

Every site at Bowdoin is a well structured document. The site title is always a "Header 1" or H1, the page name or title is always a "Header 2" or H2. The H1 is the same across your entire site and the H2 is unique for every page or topic area based on the Metadata field "Title". Change the Title in the Metadata field to customize the title for this page.  Other sections below the title of your page should be structured as needed. An H3 demarks other areas of the document. 

Search Engines Love Well Structured Pages

Making a site easy to find is simple if your document is well formed. Think of it as a hierarchy and you use Headers to mark sections, paragraphs, lists, and blockquotes to fill those sections.

  • Having trouble putting it into words?
  • Use a list instead
  • It's a great way to clearly and quickly communicate information on a web page

Other ways to break up or present your content

Over time we have built many styles to present information on a page but we haven't formalized the use. Once we get the CMS going so you can edit your own content we'll be adding a library of styles you can cut and paste for your own content.