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'Sustainable' Businesses: Good Partners For Environmentalists?

Story posted April 08, 2013

Event date(s): April 01, 2013 — April 14, 2013

Wednesday, April 10
Beam Classroom, VAC

Four years ago Walmart organized The Sustainability Consortium in cooperation with the Environmental Defense Fund, Conservation International and other environmental groups, plus 80 companies including Stonyfield and 7th Generation. 

Their goal is to develop an Index to measure the sustainability of all their products, so customers can be certain they are buying green, and companies can measure progress in meeting their environmental and social goals. Bob Kerr of Pure Strategies helps manage the negotiations.

Is this a promising new way to save the planet?

Robert L. Kerr, is Co-founder and Principal of Pure Strategies, a company that works with organizations to reduce the environmental footprints of their operations and products, and to integrate environmental and social sustainability into their planning and strategic positioning.