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Green Career Series: Designing For A Greener Tomorrow

Story posted September 23, 2013

Event date(s): September 26, 2013 — May 31, 2013

Thursday, October 3rd,  7:00, Beam Classroom

Careers in green building are many and varied. Join us to hear from four professionals about their careers in green building.  You’ll hear their “career stories” – how they came to be doing what they’re doing, their lessons learned along the way, and about their experiences in green building The Green Careers Series is a fun, casual way to learn about green careers and pick the brains of folks who are working in green careers. Each presenter will speak for about ten minutes, leaving plenty of time for Q&A and conversation.
Panelists will include:

Morgan Law is an architectural designer and Passive House Consultant at Kaplan Thompson Architects in Portland, ME. He specializes in designing single family and multi-family houses that strive to meet the rigorous performance benchmark of Passive House Certification. Morgan, along with a group of other professionals, recently won the national competition, 'Lowering the Cost of Housing,' which was created by Deutsche Bank and Enterprise Community Partners. The winning scheme, a 42 unit mixed-use low-income Passive House certified building, is slated to break ground in Portland, ME in the spring of 2014. Over the past three years at Kaplan Thompson, Morgan has worked on a wide range of projects from deep energy retrofits, to new construction to consulting for other architecture firms. Before joining KTA in 2011, Morgan studied at the University of Oregon where his thesis work involved collaborating with Miller Hull on the Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA, the country's first office building to meet the Living Building Challenge.

Colin Schless specializes in commercial building energy analysis, daylight analysis, climate analysis, simulation tool development, existing building deep energy retrofits, and data visualization. He’s been a regular guest lecturer at Cornell University’s school of Architecture for the past 2 years and has presented at conferences like Greenbuild 2012 on subjects like Energy Programming and Green Building Metrics. Colin manages the firm’s efforts regarding monitoring installations that provide real-time energy and resource consumption data to facilities managers and building occupants. He is a LEED AP and Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC). Colin graduated from Bates College in 2004 with a degree in Environmental Studies, and received his Master of Architecture in 2010 from University of Oregon. His project experience ranges from a 340,000 sf museum in Riyadh Saudi Arabia to the Net-Zero Bosarge Family Education Center in Boothbay, ME, to (currently) consulting on 25 existing mixed-use buildings owned and operated by Sweden’s largest real estate property holder, Vasakronan.

Anne Stephenson is an architectural historian, energy auditor, and campus sustainability consultant in Portland, ME. Anne has served as a consultant to colleges and universities seeking to integrate sustainable campus operations into degree and research programs during her tenure as Campus Outreach Coordinator at Clean Air-Cool Planet. Specifically, she has created and taught carbon management, energy auditing, weatherization, and weatherization crew chief courses for UMass Dartmouth and Southern Maine Community College, and recently has guided Unity College in assessing how students can meet academic goals while filling campus and community energy efficiency needs. Anne’s building practice includes energy auditing as well as Section 106 Review historic building documentation, which is a prerequisite for many federally funded projects. She enjoys reducing energy use in older buildings through her partnerships with The Breathable Home, Kennebec Home Performance, Greater Portland Landmarks, The Housing Partnership, and Lassel Architects. Anne completed her doctoral work at the University of Chicago on energy efficient renovations of historic bungalows.

Jason Peacock attained a Health Educator Certificate from Hippocrates Health Institute, which focuses on raw foods and vegetable juices. He is also certified as a Building Scientist from Joseph Lstiburek Ph.D. of Building Science Corp. He has been passionate about health and building for nearly twenty years. After a life threatening illness changed his life, he researched what makes humans healthy and found that our immediate environment is one of the largest contributing factors. He strongly believes that it is this generation’s responsibility to change the way we build our immediate environment. Jason is passionate about facilitating this evolution. Jason comes from a background in custom and production home building. He worked for the largest private homebuilder in Florida as a superintendent and green building advisor. He grew weary of the “green” claim for strictly marketing benefit and enjoys Maine Green Building Supply’s core values to provide truly green products. His current project is building a non-toxic, solar powered community in Wiscasset. See about his project here: www.platinumgreeninc.com The first house in the project boasts a 3.6 kw solar photovoltaic system designed in house by MGBS. He is a LEED AP and has a BA from SFSU in Health & Fine Art.

This program is a project of the Emerging Professionals Committee of the U.S. Green Building Council, Maine Chapter, and hosted bythe  Bowdoin College Career Planning Center and the Environmental Studies Program. Questions? Call 725-3396.