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Community Matters in Maine Summer Fellowship Celebration

Story posted July 26, 2013

Event date(s): July 26, 2013 — December 24, 2015

Join us for this celebration of Community Matters in Maine Summer fellowships and community partners. Come hear about a diversity of projects undertaken this summer.
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
Main Lounge, Moulton Union

The Community Matters in Maine Summer Fellowships provide students the opportunity to work and serve in the local community through a placement in a specific organization to address community issues while strengthening campus-community partnerships. Meant to capitalize on students' interest, the fellowships allow students to explore work in the public sector while applying their academic studies to real-life problems at the local level.

Berkley-Tyre Environmental, Cooke Environmental, Logan Environmental and Psi Upsilon Environmental Fellows work with organizations addressing issues related to the environment at the local level, and McKeen Community and Forest Foundation Fellows work with organizations addressing issues of social/civic concern. Broadening their placement experience, fellows participate in an orientation to the program and convene regularly with other fellows and staff for discussions to identify common themes among participating agencies that might be addressed in the future.

"I was immediately included in conservation projects that were intellectually stimulating and that I was personally passionate about. I was able to experience the multifaceted aspects of conservation and non-profit work on the local, national, and global scale. I learned about the history and future of conservation in Maine and beyond, and was able to apply the concepts I had learned at Bowdoin in the classroom and play a role in moving towards that future." Dan Lipkowitz '14, Berkley-Tyre Environmental Fellow, The Nature Conservancy