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Meet What you Eat Events Spring 2012

Story posted February 20, 2012

Feed the Farmer Lunch --select Friday’s at Noon at Thorne Dining Hall
Meet some of the farmers who provide products to Bowdoin dining
Friday, February 24: Stew Smith (Lakeside Farm), Sarah Ayres (Farm Fresh); Neil & Cathi (Greenwood’s Apples)
Friday, March 2: Marada (Crown of Maine); Jeff Wolovitz (Heiwa Tofu)

Mini theme at Dinner “Great Breakfast Grains”
(Fiddler’s Green Farm)
Thursday, March 1
Thorne Hall Dining

Lunchtime cooking Class- Risotto Basics
with Chefs Keith Langston and Matt Escorcio
Wednesday, March 21

Maple Syrup Demonstrations
Beginning Tuesday, March 6 at Quinby House at 11:00 Bowdoin students will be tapping Bowdoin maple trees, and producing maple syrup. A culminating event will take place in late March. For more information contact: Katherine Creswell, kcreswel@bowdoin.edu
Contact Katherine Creswell for more information

Maple Syrup Sunday
Sunday, March 25

Cooking with Local Foods
- Learn how to make a great meal from scratch with Bowdoin Chef Archie Banfeild
Wednesday, March 28 - 6:00 -7:30 pm, Ladd House. Limited space for students, contact Eileen Johnson.

Tentative-- Starting a Root Cellar
Tuesday, April 3
Unity College dining reps to attend Dining Services Manager’s meeting

Fourth Annual Locavore Dinner
Wednesday, April 4th, Thorne Dining Hall
This year's Locavore Dinner will focus on raising awareness about local and sustainable foods in the Bowdoin community and call attention to the initiatives already in place at the College. In addition to dinner and discussions centering on ways we can make choices as consumers to support local agriculture, there will also be demonstrations on making food with local products

Meet Your Farmer a series of short films about farming in Maine
Wednesday, April 4 7:30 pm
Searles Hall, Room 315 

Meet Your Farmer is a series of eight short films about farming in Maine, and will include remarks by John Piotti, one of Maine’s leading farm advocates, as well as a panel discussion by local farmers.

Released last year by Maine Farmland Trust, these films have now been shown on Maine Public Television and at over sixty venues across the state.  The films depict the great diversity of Maine agriculture, while portraying both the challenges and opportunities facing farmers in Maine. The films are the work of Cecily Pingree and Jason Mann, award-winning filmmakers from North Haven.

“Winter on the Farm” Lunch discussion


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