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Environmental Studies

Graduate Student Information Session

Story posted March 26, 2012

Event date(s): April 10, 2012 — April 15, 2012

“Preparing for Graduate School:  What You Need to Know About Finding and Applying to Graduate School”
 Friday, April 13
ES Commons Room, first floor Adams Hall
Pizza provided!

 What should students think about when selecting graduate schools? An alumnus of Bowdoin College, Kathleen Bell ’90 Anderson (Economics/Environmental Studies) will share her perspective on how she built upon her interdisciplinary major at Bowdoin College to a career as Associate Professor at the University of Maine where her research focuses on natural and resource economics. As part of the discussion, students will learn more about: 

  • How to identify the best graduate school for you
  • What steps shuold you take as a junior and senior and beyond to prepare for graduate school
  • How to approach faculty at research institutions that you are interested in applying to
  • Differences in career paths between working for a large research institutions as compared to small undergraduate college

This program is also specifically geared for students interested in learning more about opportunities in Maine in terms of ongoing research projects and opportunities for pursuing graduate studies. Cosponsored by Office of Special Academic Programs, Academic Affairs, Department of Economics, and Environmental Studies.