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Maine Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Fisheries

Story posted October 06, 2011

Maine Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Fisheries” is a collaborative project which brings together scientists and students from Bowdoin College, Bates College, the University of Southern Maine,  the Penobscot East Resource Center, the University of Maine and stakeholders throughout the two watersheds. Members of our research team have long and significant experience working on environmental issues related to Maine’s rivers and coastal waterways.

Our research seeks to understand the ecological and socioeconomic influences on recovery of our rivers, estuaries, and coastal marine environments. To learn more about this collaborative project, please see the webpage.


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Atlantic salmon are symbolic of a time when the biological endowment of the eastern United States was richer and more diverse than today. These impressive fish were once abundant in the rivers of Maine and their range extended south and west as far as the Connecticut River and perhaps even to the Hudson River. Today the distribution of Atlantic salmon in the eastern United States is restricted to a few rivers of Maine where total annual runs are numbered in hundreds of fish rather than the tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of the past. Michael Clegg, Chair, Committee on Atlantic salmon in Maine 2003
— Ted Ames research