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Environmental Studies

Ever thought about grad school in the environmental field?

Story posted December 22, 2010

Event date(s): February 23, 2011 — December 01, 2010

Ever thought about grad school in the environmental field? Bring lunch and join Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy for a discussion of graduate school options. The CEP offers two MS Degrees, one in Environmental Policy, and a new degree in Climate Science and Policy. (Bowdoin grad Lucy Van Hook '09, is currently a student in the program at Bard CEP).

Dr. Goldstein has a B.A from Williams College, and a PhD. from University of Michigan. Goldstein directs two national educational initiatives on global warming: C2C and The National Climate Seminar. In recent years, he has coordinated climate education events at over 2500 colleges, universities, high schools and other institutions across the country. Goldstein is the author Goodstein is the author of a college textbook, Economics and the Environment,; Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction: How Passion and Politics Can Stop Global Warming; and The Trade-off Myth: Fact and Fiction about Jobs and the Environment.  His research has been featured in The New York Times, Scientific American, Time, Chemical and Engineering News, The Economist, USA Today, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. He serves on the editorial board of Sustainability: The Journal of Record, and Environment, Workplace and Employment, and is on the Steering Committee of Economics for Equity & the Environment.