Off-Campus Study Guidelines

Students have the opportunity to take courses in religion or related disciplines and to study religions as practiced in specific cultural environments.

Off-Campus Study

Students are encouraged to look for programs in areas of religion not commonly taught at Bowdoin. Distribution requirements for the major should normally be satisfied with courses taken at Bowdoin. Before studying off-campus, majors should have satisfactorily completed Religion 1101 and at least two other courses toward the distribution requirements. No more than three courses in religion from other institutions may be included in those counted toward the major.

Bowdoin Recommended Programs

Within the department, there are two programs sponsored by Bowdoin in cooperation with other institutions that are recommended for the study of Asian religions:

In addition, Bowdoin students have occasionally participated in Pitzer College's term in Nepal and Antioch College's semester in India. Students have also studied at the Universities of St. Andrews and Edinburgh in Scotland, as well as the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.