Richard Broene

Affiliation: Chemistry
Charles Weston Pickard Professor of Chemistry, Chair of Chemistry Department

Professor Broene's research interests focus on the use of transition and lanthanide-series metals to accomplish asymmetric organic syntheses, dimerizations as well as the rational, metal-facilitated synthesis of ligands for chiral catalysts.

Current projects use conformationally constrained, small cone angle ligands to provide more favorable orientations for cobalt catalyzed dimerization of alpha olefins. Isonitriles complexes are excellent supporting ligands with very small cone angles We have synthesized useful quantities of quinoline substituted Cp* ligands and are investigating if they favor 2,1 insertion over 1,2 insertion reactions. Additionally, we developed a photochemical method for the synthesis of many Cp*Co diene species that is more environmentally and synthetically sustainable.

Rick Broene


  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of California, Los Angeles, 1991
  • BS, Chemistry, Hope College, 1985