Jamella Gow

Affiliation: Sociology
Rasuli Lewis Assistant Professor of Sociology

Jamella Gow is the Rasuli Lewis Assistant Professor of Sociology at Bowdoin College where she teaches courses on race and ethnicity, Black culture and activism, migration and policing, borders and il/legality, globalization, and culture. Her research focuses on how im/migration, race, and the Blackness intersect for Black migrants. She explores how Caribbean migrants navigate racial and ethnic identity, inclusion/exclusion, and diasporic politics through immigrant status and Blackness in the United States. Her most recent publications include "Countering Anti-Blackness with Migrant Solidarity: Black and Caribbean Linkages through Racial Struggle,” “Race, Nation, or Community?: Political Strategy and Identity-Making within the Transnational Haitian Diaspora in Miami’s ‘Little Haiti,’” and “Reworking Race, Nation, and Diaspora on the Margins.” Her current book project titled Black Migrants from Black Nations: Race, Blackness, and Immigrant Exclusion explores how racial, ethnic, and national status markers shape the racialization and criminalization of Haitian, Jamaican, and Afro-Cubans in south Florida. She has also published an edited volume with Philip Kretsedemas titled Modern Migrations, Black Interrogations: Revisioning Migrants and Mobilities through the Critique of Anti-Blackness which challenges immigration scholarship through the interdisciplinary lens of Black Studies.


Jamella Gow headshot