Elizabeth McCormack

Affiliation: Physics and Astronomy
Professor of Physics

I study fundamental aspects of molecular excited state-structure and dynamics using a variety of laser spectroscopy techniques. My interests include Rydberg and ion-pair state dynamics, photoionization, autoionization, predissociation, and photodissociation. The techniques I use include resonant multiphoton excitation and detection, time-of-flight mass spectroscopy, and resonant, four-wave mixing in the frequency and time domains. My work has been supported by the National Science Foundation through the CAREER and regular award programs.

I have also been a member of a collaboration of physicists, optical engineers and astronomers that has investigated the feasibility of using laser light to construct ultra-light weight large mirrors for space-based astronomical research. Our work has been supported by the Mellon Foundation and NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts.

Elizabeth McCormack working with a student


  • PhD, Physics, Yale
  • BA, Astronomy and Physics, Wellesley College