David Page

Affiliation: Chemistry, Biochemistry
Charles Weston Pickard Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Emeritus

Dr. Page has more than 130 professional publications, most dealing with various aspects of the fate and effects of petroleum and other pollutants on marine environments. He has conducted interdisciplinary studies with Dr. Edward Gilfillan on the fate and effects of oil spills on natural communities of animals and plants including ways in which to measure sublethal pollutant stress on plants and animals. Because oil spills occur in real-world environments, the presence of other natural and human factors have resulted in studies of the fate and effects of other pollutants such as heavy metals and alkyltins. Major oil spill studies include those from the following vessels; TamanoZoe ColocotroniNew ConcordAmoco CadizExxon Valdez, and many other smaller spills. Dr. Page has had extensive experience fingerprinting petroleum samples from over 75 mystery oil spills. Dr. Page has served as a testimonial expert in a variety of oil spill-related cases involving environmental damages including the Zoe ColocotroniAmoco Cadiz, and Exxon Valdez, (State and Federal) litigations.


  • PhD, Physical Chemistry, Purdue University, 1970
  • BS, Chemistry, Brown University, 1965