David K. Hecht

Affiliation: History
Associate Professor of History, on leave for the 2024–2025 academic year

David K. Hecht is a historian of science, focusing on the modern United States. His particular interest is in public images of science, and he has published on the phenomenon of "scientific celebrities." His first book, Storytelling and Science: Rewriting Oppenheimer in the Nuclear Age, was published 2015 (University of Massachusetts Press), and he is currently researching a second book project on the intersections between nuclear and environmental history. Other scholarly interests include the history of energy, as well as the role that popular rhetoric about science plays in reinforcing (and sometimes challenging) the status quo. His courses include "The Nuclear Age," "The History of Energy," "Image, Myth, and Memory," and "Science on Trial." In 2011 he was awarded the Sydney B. Karofsky prize, Bowdoin's annual teaching prize for junior faculty.

Teaching Areas: History of Science; 20th Century United States; The Cold War

David Hecht headshot


  • PhD, History of Science, Yale University, 2005
  • BA, History, Brandeis University