Brock Clarke

Affiliation: English
A. Leroy Greason Professor of English, Chair of English Department

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Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe? (novel), Algonquin Books (Summer 2019)Happiest Book Cover Image

The Price of the Haircut: Stories, Algonquin Books (Spring 2018)

The Happiest People in the World (novel), Algonquin Books (Fall 2014) 

Exley 3D Book Cover ImageExley (novel), Algonquin Books (Fall 2010)

An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England (novel), Algonquin Books (September 2007); Heinemann (UK, Spring 2008); Text (Australia and New Zealand, Spring 2008); Arena (Holland, Spring 2008); Kinneret (Israel, Spring 2009); Albin Michel (France, Fall 2008); Einaudi (Italy, Fall 2009); Duomo (Spain, Fall 2009); Kein and Aber (Germany Fall 2009); Rocco (Brazil Fall 2009); Aquarius (Taiwan, Fall 2009)

Carrying the Torch (short story collection, winner of the Prairie Schooner Prize Book Series), University of Nebraska Press (September 2005; published in France by Albin Michel in Fall 2008)

The Ordinary White Boy (novel), Harcourt Books (Hardcover September 2001; Paperback September 2002)

What We Won't Do (short story collection, winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction), Sarabande Books (March 2002)

Arsonists Guide Book Cover ImageCarrying the Torch Book Cover Image The Ordinary White Boy Book Cover ImageWhat We Won't Do Book Cover Image


“One Goes Where One is Needed,” Ploughshares (forthcoming Spring 2019) 

“Smart Shopper” South Carolina Review (Fall 2017) 

“Time Travel” South Carolina Review (Fall 2017)) 

“Chest Bump,” Very Angry Baby (from Acre Books, University of Cincinnati Press, April 2017)) 

“The Slim Jim,” Great Jones Street (March 2016) 

“The Bus,” Kenyon Review Online (Spring 2016) 

“Good Night,” The Sun (May 2015)

"Knock Knock," Iowa Review (Fall 2010)

"People Who Are Not Like Us," Sycamore Review (Fall 2010)

"Our Pointy Boots," Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses (Fall 2010)

"Our Pointy Boots," Ecotone (Winter 2009)

"This is Not a Story About How Much I Love You," Five Chapters (Fall 2007)

"Children Who Divorce," (fiction) Ninth Letter (Summer 2007)

"The Pity Palace," (fiction) Virginia Quarterly Review (Fall 2006)

"What is the Cure for Meanness?" (fiction) One Story (June 2006)

"That Which We Will Not Give," (fiction) New England Review (Spring 2006)

"The Price of the Haircut," (fiction) Agni (Summer 2005)

"The Ghosts We Love," (fiction) Virginia Quarterly Review (Summer 2005)

"The Apology," (fiction) Pushcart Prize XXIX: Best of the Small Presses (Spring 2005)

"We Found Ourselves in Toronto," (fiction) Land-Grant College Review (Fall 2005)

"The Lolita School," (fiction) New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 2004

"Concerning Lizzie Borden, Her Axe, My Wife," The Missouri Review (Spring 2004)

"The Reason Was Us," (fiction) The Georgia Review (Spring 2004)

"The Misunderstandings," (fiction) Virginia Quarterly Review (Spring 2004)

"Mr. Frost's Neighbors," (fiction) Vermont Literary Review (Fall 2004))

"Geronimo," Stories from the Blue Moon Café: An Anthology (2004)

"The Fundraiser's Dance Card," (fiction) The Southern Review (Winter 2004)

"Different," (fiction) Rivendell (Winter 2004)

"The Son's Point of View," (fiction) The Southern Review (Fall 2003)

"The Apology," (fiction) New England Review (Summer 2003)

"Geronimo," (fiction) Greensboro Review (Fall 2003)

"For Those of Us Who Need Such Things," (fiction) New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 2003

"The Wedding Present," (fiction) Failbetter (2003)

"For Those of Us Who Need Such Things," (fiction) The Georgia Review (Fall 2002)

"The Hotel Utica," (fiction) Five Points (Fall 2002)

"The Lolita School," (fiction) StoryQuarterly (Fall 2002)

"Plowing the Secondaries," (fiction) New England Review (Spring 2001)

"She Loved to Cook but Not Like This," (fiction) New England Review (Spring 2001)

"Accidents," (fiction) Mississippi Review Web (Spring 2001)

"What We Won't Do," (fiction) Our Working Lives: Short Fiction of Work (Bottom Dog Press/the Ohio Arts Council, Fall 2000))

"The Fat," (fiction) Tatlin's Tower (Summer 2000)

"Carrying the Torch," (fiction) New England Review (Spring 2000)

"The World Dirty, Like a Heart," (fiction) American Fiction (Spring 1999)

"The Right Questions," (fiction) The Journal (Spring 1999)

"Up North," (fiction) The South Carolina Review (Fall 1999)

"Compensation," (fiction) New England Review (May 1998)

"A Widespread Killing Frost," (fiction) Mississippi Review (December 1997)

"The Reasons," (fiction) American Fiction (Fall 1996)


"Very," (essay), My Word, Sarabande Books (Forthcoming, Winter 2011)

"LosingYour Head: The Case for Henderson the Rain King," (essay), Ninth Letter (Fall 2010)

"Let Me Tell You What It Means to Be From Upstate New York: A Loser's Love Song" (essay), Why We're Here (Colgate University Press Fall 2010)

"The Facts about John Cheever," (essay), The Rumpus (October 2009)

"Artifice is Art: The Case for Muriel Spark," (essay) The Believer (Fall 2009)

"Leave Me With Something When You Leave Me," (essay) Love is a Four-Letter Word Plume, (Summer 2009)

"Remember the Banana," (essay), The Book of Dads, Ecco/Harper (Summer 2009)

"Cavepeople and Other Problems," (essay), Writer's Digest (Spring 2008)

"The Age of Foreclosure," (op ed), The New York Times (April 12, 2008)

The Novel is Dead; Long Live the Novel," (essay) Virginia Quarterly Review (Summer 2006)

"The Problem of Place in Contemporary Fiction," (essay) The Writer's Chronicle (Fall 2005)

"Why Good Literature Makes Us Bad People," (essay) The Believer (January 2005)

"Russo Keeps it Gritty, Hopeful," (essay) Cincinnati Enquirer (April 23, 2002)

"What Literature Can and Cannot Do: Lionel Trilling, Richard Rorty, and the Left," (essay) Massachusetts Review (Spring 2001)

"Why Memoir Isn't Always Art," (essay) The Chronicle of Higher Education (October 29, 1999)

"Art, Authenticity, and Social Transgression in Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses," (essay) Southwestern American Literature (Fall 1999)

"'A Hostile Decade': The Sixties and Self-Criticism in William Kennedy's Early Prose," Twentieth Century Literature (Fall 1999)

Brock Clarke
Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe?


  • PhD, University of Rochester
  • MA, University of Rochester
  • BA, Dickinson College