Message to the Campus Community (October 1, 2020)

To the campus community,

Today the College will launch its annual workplace campaign in support of MaineShare and the United Way of Mid Coast Maine.

Many of you have participated previously, and I write to ask that you join me and Julianne in renewing your support for these organizations. For those who have not participated in the past, I hope you will review the materials that will be distributed next week and consider adding your support.  

United Way and MaineShare do a great deal to assist so many in our community—and given new strains related to the pandemic and worsening economy, their work is more important than ever. The College has been a leading participant in this work. While I hope you will consider renewing or joining these efforts, I want to emphasize that your involvement is completely voluntary.

Bowdoin’s 2020 workplace campaign in support of MaineShare and the United Way runs from today, October 1, through Friday, October 16. More information about the work and impact of MaineShare and United Way is available online.  

Thank you for your consideration.