Message to the Bowdoin Community—Honors Day (May 6, 2020)

To the Bowdoin community,

Today is Honors Day, the moment each year when we celebrate great achievement by our students and take pride as a community in the awards and departmental and program prizes they have earned.
Of course, we normally gather in person for this occasion, and while the pandemic prevents us from doing that this year, I hope you will take a few minutes—wherever you are across the country and around the world—to explore the web page created to showcase the award and prize recipients. I also offer great thanks to my colleagues on the faculty and staff for their superb and devoted mentoring of our students. In addition to honoring our students, we also honor this year’s winner of the Karofsky Teaching Prize for faculty, Assistant Professor of Sociology Theo Greene.

Not all academic prizes and awards are listed today, since some are dependent on final grades and theses. We will announce Commencement prizes on May 23, and we will applaud all of these honors again next year when we gather on campus for a proper Commencement.

Many congratulations to our students who have achieved so much, and to Professor Greene for his skills and impact as a teacher.

All the best,