Message to Faculty and Staff (August 25, 2020)

To faculty and staff,

After so much planning and work, our students are beginning to arrive back on campus. Head residential life student staff arrived on Saturday and the rest of the student staff arrived today. The big day will be Saturday, when our first-year class will move in.
We have spent many hours in virtual town halls and have sent many messages over the summer reminding our students of the safety practices that will need to be followed, and the importance of steadfast compliance to keep us all safe. I am optimistic that our students “get it” and will work hard to comply.

I am writing with a reminder that our success this fall also depends on each of us complying with the protocols for health and safety. These include the requirements that we wear face coverings at all times while indoors (except in private offices or research labs) and outdoors when we cannot maintain at least a six-foot separation from others. We must also maintain appropriate physical distance with others, indoors or outside. In addition to keeping us safe, following these practices—among the others that we have mandated—will help us model the behavior we are asking of our students.

Thank you for all that you are doing for our students and for one another.

Please stay safe.