Reaccreditation (September 7, 2017)

September 7, 2017 by Office of the President

Dear students, faculty, and staff, 

I write to update you on the progress of Bowdoin’s 2017 Reaccreditation Review.

During the 2016-17 academic year, the campus prepared Bowdoin’s self-study report to share with the team of evaluators who will visit on November 5-8, 2017. The self-study is now publicly available via the reaccreditation website or this direct link.

I am very grateful to members of the Reaccreditation Committee for their diligent work on the self-study and for digging into the specificity of the accreditation standards to document how Bowdoin meets, and often surpasses, these benchmarks. I am particularly grateful to Jen Scanlon and Tina Finneran for their leadership in this effort. To accomplish their task, the committee relied on faculty and staff in departments across the College to develop goals, provide information, and share their perspectives. Finally, the input received from the open forums and through the reaccreditation website contributed greatly to the self-study process and the final product.

The chair of the visiting team of evaluators, Dr. Carol Quillen, president of Davidson College, was on campus this week for a preliminary visit. She met with me and other senior officers, a group of students, faculty representatives, and with members of the Reaccreditation Committee, among others. These were good discussions and I look forward to hosting the full team of evaluators in November.

 Please direct any questions related to the reaccreditation self-study or the review process to Liz McCormack, dean for academic affairs, or Tina Finneran, vice president for institutional research, analytics and consulting.




Reaccreditation Committee

Jeanne Bamforth, assistant to the dean for academic affairs
Bill Barker, Isaac Henry Wing professor of mathematics
Rachel Beane, professor of earth and oceanographic science and associate dean for academic affairs
Steve Blanc, vice president and interim co-head of information technology
Chuck Dorn, associate professor of education and associate dean for academic affairs
Tina Finneran, vice president for institutional research, analytics & consulting (co-chair)}
Tim Foster, dean of student affairs
Cathy Hayes, student health insurance coordinator
Jim Higginbotham, associate professor of classics on the Henry Johnson professorship fund, associate curator for the ancient collection in the museum of art, and associate dean for academic affairs
Scott Hood, senior vice president for communications and public affairs
Mohamed Nur ’19
Matt Orlando, senior vice president for finance and administration & treasurer
Eli Orlic, vice president and special assistant to the president & secretary of the college
Jane Pinchin, trustee
Brian Purnell, Geoffrey Canada associate professor of Africana studies and history and director of the Africana Studies program
Clayton Rose, president
Rayne Sampson ’18
Jen Scanlon, interim dean for academic affairs (2015-17) and professor of gender, sexuality and women’s studies (co-chair)
Jennifer Snow, educational research consultant
Whitney Soule, dean of admissions and financial aid
Birgit Tautz, professor of German