Power Outage (November 2, 2017)

November 2, 2017 by Office of the President

To the campus community,

Thank you for your patience, resilience, and high spirits during this week’s power outage. We were very lucky this week, despite losing a number of trees—including several on the main quad. No one was injured, our buildings and facilities suffered no structural damage, and the relatively warm temperatures helped quite a bit. That said, the lack of power was inconvenient and disruptive, and I know you all share my appreciation for the efforts of the utility company crews who assisted us and who continue around the clock to help others in Maine.

To our students and faculty who carried on despite the storm, and to staff across the campus who pitched in, thank you. I am especially grateful to our amazing dining service staff who kept us well fed in tight quarters, to our tireless facilities staff who worked to restore power and who are still working to clean up after the storm, and to the dedicated staff in security who kept us informed and kept us safe. Many if not all of these employees were here supporting us as their own families and homes were in the dark and dealing with the effects of the storm. We owe all of them our profound thanks.

Work continues to restore power at the remaining Bowdoin facilities still down, including the Schiller Coastal Studies Center, the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center, and the Whittier Grandstand. Meanwhile, many of the downed pine trees have now been removed, and crews will be working today and tomorrow to clean up the trees we lost on the quad. These hardwood trees will be cut up and added next year to our firewood program established two years ago for those in the Bowdoin community and for others in need of heating assistance.

Thank you, again. Your response to this storm and its effects offered a vivid reminder of why we are so very fortunate to be a part of the Bowdoin community.