2015 Messages to the Community

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff — December 3, 2015

To students, faculty, and staff, Race is a dividing line in our society, on campuses across our country, and at Bowdoin. Those of color in our community experience Bowdoin differently than those who are white; the difference can be profound and occurs in every aspect of our lives here: intellectual, social, cultural, and athletic. And […]

Message to Students — November 30, 2015

I will be leading a “Town Hall” meeting Tuesday, December 8, at 7:00 p.m. in Smith Union’s Morrell Lounge. The topic will be “Why do issues of race matter if I’m white?”  In a recent meeting I had with members of our multicultural student leadership, we discussed the need for those […]

Message to the Bowdoin Community — November 24, 2015

Dear students, faculty, and staff, I am writing to follow up on my November 14 note about the work the Bias Incident Group will do to create a bias incident protocol for the College. As we begin our work to establish policies and procedures for our systematic response to bias incidents, we want your ideas […]

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff — November 18, 2015

These are difficult and disturbing times that are causing members of our community to question their personal safety and to wonder what can be done to protect themselves and others. You have all seen the messages from Randy Nichols providing specific information about the recent incidents at the Mayflower Apartments […]

Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff — November 14, 2015

This week’s very serious incident at Mayflower Apartments has highlighted Bowdoin’s clear response to sexual assault, but as we also know, our response to incidents of bias is not as well-defined. On Friday, I met with the Bias Incident Group—a body historically charged with responding to anonymous incidents of bias, […]

Message to the Campus Community — November 2, 2015

I met for several hours on Saturday afternoon with students from the African American Society and leaders of other multicultural student organizations, along with Dean Tim Foster. We discussed the recent “gangster” party and its aftermath, and the students were candid about their observations and concerns. I am grateful for their […]

Message to the Bowdoin Community — October 7, 2015

All of us were horrified last week when a gunman killed nine students and wounded nine others at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Our sympathies are with the victims of this senseless violence and also with the families who suffer today with what surely must be a mixture of shock, grief, […]

Message to the Bowdoin Community — September 17, 2015

I write to update you about recent important changes at the College to ensure continued best practices within the areas of gender equity, sexual and other interpersonal violence, and accommodations for those with disabilities. As many of you already know, Title IX is part of the United States Education […]

Message to the Bowdoin Community — September 8, 2015

I have been on campus for a little over two months, and each day I am reminded of the remarkable community that is Bowdoin. The opportunity to meet and talk with so many of you has been energizing, and our conversations have helped me to better understand the College. I am […]

Message to the Bowdoin Community – July 1, 2015

Today we begin our work together to ensure Bowdoin’s continued leadership in the liberal arts and American higher education. President Hyde wrote in 1916 of Bowdoin’s distinctive character—he said it is a place that “can be found nowhere else in the world.” Anyone who […]