June 26, 2019

Statement by Bowdoin College President Clayton Rose on the decision by Bank of America to cease lending to companies that operate prison and immigration-detention services.

Throughout my tenure as president at Bowdoin, I have opposed policies that harm immigrants and their families, have said so on many occasions, and have lent my support to those attempting to effect positive change on these issues.

Today, the management at Bank of America—where I serve as a director— announced that the bank will no longer lend to companies that run private prisons and detention centers. I fully support the decision taken today by the bank’s management.

As I said earlier this week to The Bowdoin Orient, I am appalled with what has been going on at the US-Mexico border and by the terrible hardships and inhuman treatment immigrants, their families, and children are facing. I will continue to speak out and to share my perspectives about these issues, and I urge members of the Bowdoin College community and others to reach out to their congressional representatives and to the White House to urge them to work together to find a solution to this problem, which is at odds with essential American values.