Bowdoin's Newest Fulbright Fellows Will Live, Work, and Soak Up Cultural Experiences Overseas

By Bowdoin
Fifteen recent graduates will teach English or pursue research in Taiwan, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Slovak Republic, South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
world map with camera and passport

The fellows, who include fourteen graduating seniors and a recent alumnus, join a growing Bowdoin cohort. For the past four years, the College has produced more Fulbright fellows than any other college in the US.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken this winter congratulated Bowdoin on this achievement, which he called "a testament to your institution's deep commitment to international exchange and to building lasting connections between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.”

The Fulbright US Student Program is a prestigious academic exchange program sponsored by the federal government to encourage “connections in a complex and changing world.” At Bowdoin, it is administered by the Office of Student Fellowships and Research.

Beatty headshot
Parker Beatty ’23, English Teaching Assistant, Taiwan

“I hope that I can gather ideas on how the Taiwanese allocentric (community-based) culture emphasizes community and harmony, so as a future educator/coach I can instill a mindset in my pupils that prioritizes the collective even within the US's individualist society.”

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Anthropology

Chi headshot
Daniel Chi ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Germany

“I want to return to Germany, which I had no prior connection to before college, and hear people's stories that otherwise I would never hear.”

Majors: Biochemistry, German 

Daley headshot
Thomas Daley ’22, English Teaching Assistant, Greece

“In the spirit of my Hellenic ancient ancestors, teaching is an opportunity for reciprocal learning. I wish to explore my Greco-American identity through service to a country I have never been to but yearn to call home.”

Majors: Earth and Oceanographic Science, Math

Kate Ishida portrait
Kate Ishida ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Austria

“My application is largely based on my interest in music and holistic pedagogical approaches. I initially studied abroad in Austria to immerse myself in the landscapes that inspired the classical composers I grew up playing. Soon, the German language became a bridge to understanding music better, and I want to strengthen that bridge by improving my language skills. [Additionally,] I want to immerse myself in Austria's more holistic approach in education that emphasizes not only academic achievement, but also social, creative, and emotional well-being.

Majors: Psychology, Music
Minor: German

Katie Kurtz in Italy
Katie Kurtz ’24, Study/Research, Italy

“I will study the grassroots management and design of the 'urban outdoors' in Palermo alongside Dr. Marco Picone and his colleagues at the University of Palermo. Further, I will study how grassroots organizations are designing the physical environment of different green spaces to improve community access.” 

Major:  Environmental Studies, Italian Studies
Minor: Urban Studies

Karla Lainez, portrait
Karla Lainez ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Mexico

“As a native Spanish speaker and queer, first-generation Mexican and Salvadoran American, I feel I can bring a different perspective because of my intersecting identities. My wish is that being confident in and proud of my identity invites others to do the same—being proud of who they are and the experiences that have shaped them.”

Majors: Latin American, Caribbean & Latinx Studies, Sociology

Cole Matthews portrait
Cole Matthews ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Slovak Republic

“During a research project for a photography class while studying abroad last spring, I was entranced with Slovakia through the lens of the Slovak landscape photographer, Stefan Condik. He stirred a desire in me to explore the Western Carpathians, and inspired me to embark on my own landscape photography journey. ...I plan to make deeper connections with documentary photography while in Slovakia—taking pictures of others and experiencing new ways of life, immersing myself within the rich Slovak culture, and cultivating lifelong friendships.”

Major: Sociology
Minor: Visual Arts

Paulina Morales portrait
Paulina Morales ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Mexico

“As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, I am interested in Mexico due to its extensive immigration history with the US, and how the border wall has contributed to physical, cultural, and social divisions. Thus, I want to use my English lessons to expose my students to communities, cultures, and histories beyond their neighborhoods to strengthen each other's understanding of Mexican-American relationships. Additionally, I have never been able to visit Mexico, and I want to learn and experience my family's culture and history.”

Majors: Education, Government and Legal Studies

Afia Oduro-Manu portrait
Afia Oduro-Manu ’24, English Teaching Assistant, South Korea

“Korean is a language that I've long been interested in and am excited to learn; as a teenager, I was drawn to the glamorous world of K-pop and K-dramas. But now my interest in Korea has matured, as I am drawn to foreign policy and the role that South Korea plays in the Indo-Pacific region as well as the nation’s linguistic history. As an ETA in Korea, I look forward to learning more about Korean culture from my students and host family, and using cross-cultural exchange to nuance their understanding of what it means to be an American, as when most people think of Americans, they do not envision people who look like me.”

Majors: Government and Legal Studies, Asian Studies

Alondra Romero portrait
Alondra Romero ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Spain

“As a printmaker, Spanish art has enomored me, but after researching the role of creatives in remembering the dictatorship in Argetina this past year, I became eager to see how the framework of using art to retain national identity post-dictatorship manifests itself in Spain. I am excited to learn from Spaniards about how they resonate with art on a personal and national level by engaging with my local community not only as a teacher but also as an active community member.”

Major: Latin American, Caribbean & Latinx Studies
Minor: Psychology

Emily Simons portrait
Emily Simons ’24, Study/Research, Germany

“Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death in Germany and worldwide, and the information sequestered in health data has the potential to better our understanding these conditions. In collaboration with our clinical partners, I will develop machine learning models to identify clinical risk factors that predict the onset and outcomes of cardiovascular disease, leveraging the blossoming field of topological data analysis to address the unique challenges posed by health data.”

Major: Math
Minor: Computer Science

Megan Stretch portrait
Megan Stretch ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Germany

"As an aspiring biologist, I want to explore Germany’s role in cross-cultural biotechnology advancements and science education through the Fulbright ETA. In and outside of the classroom, I also am excited to have discussions about Germany’s ‘Willkommenskultur’ and its unique position in the European Union on migration as I connect it to my own understanding of migration in Maine and California."

Majors: Biology, German
Minor: Visual Arts

Josie Tidmore portrait
Josie Tidmore ’24, Study/Research, Wales

“I plan to pursue a one-year project as a masters of philosophy student in the lab of Donald Fraser at Cardiff University, where I will uncover sex-specific differences in chronic kidney disease using human stem cell-derived proximal tubule cells, which are a possible driver of the disease's pathogenesis. The Fraser lab is one of only a handful worldwide that uses this stem cell-based model to study the role of proximal tubules in chronic kidney disease with a particular focus on sex differences.”

Majors: English, Neuroscience

Juliana Vandermark portrait
Juliana Vandermark ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Spain

“As a high school teaching assistant in Madrid, Spain, I will build on my teaching and curriculum-writing experience, religious history research, love for Spanish literature, and passion for storytelling through several mediums—dancing, writing, and teaching.”

Major: History
Minor: Hispanic Studies

Paul Wang portrait
Paul Wang ’24, English Teaching Assistant, Taiwan

“As a passionate environmentalist, I'm curious to explore Taiwan's growing environmental movement and its spectacular national resources. In fact, my passion for nature originated through hearing bedtime stories of the Taiwanese countryside from my parents, and I have long sought to better understand my family's roots and culture. I see the Taiwan English teaching assistant program as the perfect opportunity to leverage my teaching background and passion for service with my deep interest in Taiwan.”

Majors: Environmental Studies, Biology